An important aspect of flexible staffing
revolves around Payroll

Since a major expense for a company is paying for labor, flexible staffing options can dramatically change your labor expenses. One of the easiest ways of doing this is deciding how much of your workforce is static—meaning you require them to be full-time employees year-round, and how much of the rest can be variable. Essentially, you want to determine how many full-time employees you’d like have in comparison to temporary or contract workers.

Having an optimized and flexible workforce can:

Reduce Payroll Burden

Contract employees are useful because you can hire talent only when it is needed. This allows you to make use of highly specialized labor which commands a hefty price tag, but only for the specific project at hand. You get the benefit of professional skill without having to commit to a full-time hire. Because contract-work is provided through the staffing agency, this eliminates significant administrative burden on your HR department as well as payroll since any and all wage reporting and tax documentation are taken care of by the staffing firm.

Prevent Overtime

Overtime can be costly and draining on team morale. Pushing your team to work lengthy weeks-even with additional pay, can be demoralizing and contribute to work burnout. Contract staffing can save you money in this regard by reducing labor costs.

Save on Operational Cost

Operational costs of hiring talent can quickly add up. Not only does it divert important time away from management and HR, but it is not a guarantee that any hired employee can last. Hiring quality talent is difficult and if they only last a few months to a year, this is often a net loss.

Reduce Compliance Risk

Compliance with labor laws can be exceedingly complex when considering them over the course of an entire organization. When you add temporary staff and contract workers into the mix, it can be difficult to tread the minefield of laws and clauses that dictate how and what employees must be offered in compensation.

Locate Talent Quickly

Staffing HQ specializes in onboarding talent quickly and efficiently. It is our job to keep an active roster of pre-vetted individuals who are ready to take on work. It is much easier and quicker to hire through a staffing agency than to do the vetting and hiring process yourself.

Paperwork is something very few people enjoy. Onboarding new talent can have significant paperwork involved. Having a centralized and outsoured payroll solution for your flexible workforce can trim the fat on your labor costs and administrative burden.