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Staffing HQ places all levels of functional and technical SAP consultants. Our teams of expert consultants match your open SAP positions with the perfect candidates - A-players that will meet your needs and start contributing from day one. We can help quickly fill your open SAP positions for the following modules:

This is only a sample of the modules we work with. Reach out to us to learn more about our full capabilities.


Nowadays, it is common for many companies to have a contingent workforce that they can call upon for their specific needs. Vendor Management Systems (VMS) and Managed Service Providers (MSP) are both critical components for your recruiting strategy by allowing you to analyze, track, and oversee your entire contingent workforce and related staffing suppliers.

Vendor Management Systems

Whether you have a VMS / MSP or other long-standing programs in place, we partner with you to maximize your tool’s effectiveness. Staffing HQ offers over 30 years of experience in partnering with Fortune 500 clients with widely varying tool designs and program structures. Recruiting qualified candidates is just one of the services we offer our VMS / MSP clients

Recruiting Strategy
Highly Qualified

Working With Staffing HQ Allows You to Leverage Our

In-depth experience working with multiple VMS systems
An exemplary track record of compliance in candidates new hire and onboarding documents
Highly qualified and vetted candidates who have undergone StaffingHQ’s thorough interview process
How do we do it?

Most staffing agencies today all have access to all the same data. We feel it’s how we use that data to build robust pipelines and build long-standing relationships with our consultants to find the best candidates for our clients that make us special. With StaffingHQ, you get a proactive MSP partner, with actual people with a wealth of knowledge…not just a logo.

StaffingHQ MSP/VMS Program Partner Methodology

Cold Calling/Passive Sourcing is our primary sourcing strategy. We also look for candidates in unusual places like User Groups, Meetups, and other Social Networking events. All StaffingHQ candidates are double screened and personally interviewed by our staff to ensure a fit in technical skill, corporate culture, and industry experience before being submitted into VMS.

StaffingHQ was created with a strategic goal in mind, to provide consultants with a company that puts their needs first. This is illustrated through such programs as the Consultant Loyalty and Referral programs, in addition to an assigned Consultant Engagement Specialist to ensure their onboarding and client experience is exemplary.

We understand every customer is unique and needs people who match required skillsets and are culturally fit with their organization. We take the time to complete a 25 question survey in partnership with the MSP to understand better/explain the client’s culture.

We continuously research and analyze the latest trends, best practices, and alternate workflows within contract labor.



It is important to know how revenue flows through your business, and without adequate accounting and financial forecasting, it will be tough to allocate resources as necessary.
Staffing HQ understands that this crucial department of every business can make or break the growth and expansion of your company. We have consulted with many companies and have developed a keen sense of what businesses are looking for in professional finance and accounting talent. After all, not all businesses are the same. However, assessing a potential employee can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor.

That is why we are a leading provider of finance and accounting talent. We know that the key to filling a role and keeping it filled is to not just look at qualifications but also at the needs and motivations of both the talent and the employer.

Professional finance and accounting
Are You Seeking to Refine Your Accounting and Finance Recruitment Strategy?

Locating talented finance and accounting professionals who are not only qualified in terms of experience and competence but also are a good culture fit can be a difficult process. It requires having access to an expansive network of professionals and parsing through them. You must acquire the right pool of candidates before you even begin, or the interview process could drag on for months, thus costing you time and money.

We can identify the best talent because our recruiters have extensive experience in their respective fields-how else would you know what to look for? Our accounting and finance recruiters intimately understand what makes a successful match.

Partner with a Staffing Agency That Understands Your Field

As professionals become more skilled in their given field, there is a good chance to specialize in something that gives them an edge. Employers are always looking for highly customized solutions to their problems, and sourcing quality talent is no exception.

What if you are receiving many applications from general accountants, but you're seeking someone specializing in auditing through information technology? Staffing HQ can assist you in finding this individual as well as other candidates who possess unique skills that they can bring to your company.

How Can Staffing HQ Help You?
  • Temporary Staffing. Maintaining profitable margins is the key for any business. This means properly managing your expenses year-round. Many industries operate off of busy and slow seasons and so utilize a contingent workforce. We can help you find competent contractors who can handle a job from start to finish so that you can maximize your earnings during the time of the year when it counts the most.
  • Direct Staffing. The tricky part about finding good talent is not just knowing who is actively seeking employment but also keeping an eye open to new opportunities. At Staffing HQ, we always have our ears to the ground. Many employers are too busy growing their business to reach out to prospective talent that is already employed. Some of the best talents are seldom ever unemployed; we offer assistance in speaking to them on your behalf.

Staffing HQ Are Expert Puzzle Solvers

Finding the most fitting candidate for your company is like solving a jigsaw puzzle. Every piece is useful somewhere, but is it the right spot for that piece? Likewise, the hiring process can see many qualified people that are not quite right for the role that needs to be filled.

Let Staffing HQ find the right piece to your puzzle so that we can see the whole picture together.

Human Resources department

Human Resources


Your company’s Human Resources department can truly make or break how your employees feel about their employment experiences. Who wants to work at a place where they feel neglected or invaluable?

HR professionals are paramount to the work culture of your company. Many HR professionals work within a very confidential atmosphere, so they are often sensitive about seeking and applying for new positions to either further their careers or seek a more aligned fit.

At Staffing HQ, we truly understand the delicate situation many HR professionals faces and can approach them sensitively and calibrated concerning their privacy. The best talent is often not found in the typical pool of candidates; having a staffing agency with a deep network can help you find the best fit for your HR department.



Since a major expense for a company is paying for labor, flexible staffing options can dramatically change your labor expenses. One of the easiest ways of doing this is deciding how much of your workforce is static—meaning you require them to be full-time employees year-round and how much of the rest can be variable. Essentially, you want to determine how many full-time employees you’d like to have compared to temporary or contract workers.

Having an optimized and flexible workforce can:

Flexible Staff
Reduce Payroll Burden

Contract employees are useful because you can hire talent only when it is needed. This allows you to use highly specialized labor, which commands a hefty price tag, but only for the specific project at hand. You get the benefit of professional skills without having to commit to a full-time hire. Because contract work is provided through the staffing agency, this eliminates a significant administrative burden on your HR department and payroll since any wage reporting, and the staffing firm takes care of tax documentation.

Prevent Overtime

Overtime can be costly and draining on team morale. Pushing your team to work lengthy weeks-even with additional pay can be demoralizing and contribute to work burnout. Contract staffing can save you money in this regard by reducing labor costs.

Save on Operational Cost

Operational costs of hiring talent can quickly add up. Not only does it divert important time away from management and HR, but it is not a guarantee that any hired employee can last. Hiring quality talent is difficult, and if they only last a few months to a year, this is often a net loss.

Reduce Compliance Risk

Compliance with labor laws can be exceedingly complex when considering them throughout an entire organization. When you add temporary staff and contract workers into the mix, it can be difficult to tread the minefield of laws and clauses that dictate how and what employees must be offered in compensation.

Locate Talent Quickly

Staffing HQ specializes in onboarding talent quickly and efficiently. Our job is to keep an active roster of pre-vetted individuals who are ready to take on work. It is much easier and quicker to hire through a staffing agency than to do the vetting and hiring process yourself.

Paperwork is something very few people enjoy. Onboarding new talent can have significant paperwork involved. Having a centralized and outsourced payroll solution for your flexible workforce can trim the fat on your labor costs and administrative burden.